27 May 2016

29th-30th Nov 1946: meat from Australia

29 Fri. Rather cold, a few sunny periods in morning, dull, heavy showers later. Got the week-end meat etc locally. Bought some more Xmas cards at Woolworth’s, Wimbledon in afternoon. Did the usual house-cleaning to-day.

30 Sat. Rather mild for time of year, dull, showers. Bought a tinned steak and kidney pudding at the butchers, made in Australia, it was exceptionally nice. Bought fish locally in afternoon and a dish-cloth in Wimbledon. Got Ciss’ shoes after repair at Essani’s. Met little Evelyn Baden-Powell in Essani’s, I had missed her for a long time, she told me she had been ill and her mother as well. The three children called – all in larky mood. Mrs. Collis called; she greatly admired my model aeroplane.

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