8 May 2016

27th-29th October 1946: loves the kids

27 Sun. Cold, gloomy, much rain. Short walk in afternoon, met Audrey Child bringing the children home from Sunday School, so I had to turn back with them. What a crowd; they seem to like me. Wrote long letter for Cousin Elsie in Canada.

28 Mon. Cold, dismal, damp. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and baby Margaret called in morning. To buy fish locally. To Mr. Evans the landlord’s house at Motspur Park. Started unwinding a broken down output transformer with a view to repair.

29 Tues. Cold, hazy, the sun nearly came through once. The children called morning and evening so I had a day of them. They have a mid-term holiday and don’t I know it: still I love them.

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