5 May 2016

21st-22nd Oct 1946: long indoor aerial

21 Mon. Mild, some sunshine early otherwise dull: drizzle in afternoon. Wrote letter to Fred Fraine, posted it with one to Harold Conrade. Re-staked two loganberries and tied them up, also tied up the yellow jasmine. To Wimbledon where I bought fish, 2 doz. purple crocus bulbs and a packet of Maplemeat.

22 Tues. Rather mild, gloomy; rain nearly all day. Posted two letters. Bought aerial wire in Coombe Lane. Saw Mrs. and Joan Conrade there. Fitted a permanent indoor aerial from inside the roof down the staircase and into the dining room: it seems to have excellent pick-up qualities giving powerful results and is practically invisible. Shall be interested to try it on the short waves.

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