23 May 2016

21st-22nd Nov 1946: wash & polish for floor

21 Thur. Rather mild. Some surprising sunny periods between showers, very rough and a flash of lightning in early evening. To butchers and greengrocers in morning: bought fish & a paper in Wimbledon in afternoon. Posted three letters including one for Miss Perkins in the Argentine. Finished re-winding long-wave coil for Chas. Staden, needs mounting now. The three children called; gave Gwennie a dark blue pixie cap.

22 Fri. Cold, cloudy: bitter wind. Did the usual shopping locally, also to Morden to buy cats’ meat; bought a torch bulb at Woolworths’ there. Washed & polished dining room floor & did the dusting. Mounted Chas. Staden’s L.W. coil on its socket, tested and passed O.K.

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