11 May 2016

1st-2nd Nov 1946: watched wartime shelter being 'destructed'

1 Nov. Fri. Very cold, dull. The usual Fri. morning shopping. To station to buy a paper in afternoon thence to Amity Grove where I saw a shelter destructor at work. In the few minutes I was watching it demolished ¾ters of a surface shelter to the interest and amusement of the inhabitants – especially the children. Saw Mr. Akhurst while there. Finished winding the R and A. output transformer, both primary and secondary.

2 Sat. Cold, foggy to begin the day; dull, rain at night. To Merton in afternoon, bought fish pieces, scouring powder and pears. Assembled the output transformer and fitted it to loud-speaker and tested it. It may take a little while to get run in but first results are not too good.

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