3 May 2016

17th-18th Oct 1946: birthday kisses

17 Thur. Rather cold, cloudy. Sent post-card to Anthony. Received 2 pairs of socks, a tablet of scented soap and a birthday card from Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie: my birthday is tomorrow. Wrote letter to acknowledge the same. To Wimbledon to buy a few things and to make an appointment for Ciss with Mr. Callander the dentist. Bought a few things locally. Received Montreal on 24 metres very strongly on the loud-speaker.

18 Fri. Cold, cloudy, chilly wind. I am 58 to-day. Wrote letter thanking Uncle Tom for the presents. Did the usual shopping locally: bought some really fresh cats meat at Morden. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and baby Margaret in her pram called. When I told Gwennie it was my birthday she made a fuss of me and kiss, kiss, kissed me – oh, she is a dear. Received a short wave station whose name I cannot spell but the announcer said it was in French equatorial Africa.

Note: no telephone, has to make dental appointment by visiting. 

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