2 May 2016

15th-16th Oct 1946: I owed one penny to shop

15 Tues. Rather cold, dismal, calm. Alan Spooner called bringing an ex W.D. portable short-wave transmitter-receiver. He transmitted while I received on my set with the short wave coils plugged in. Bought fish locally, also to the glass shop in Haydon’s Rd to pay a penny I owe them. From thence to see Alan Spooner at home in Russell Rd. He showed me his 5ft 6ins glider also he had another transmitter and we were able to converse while he carried his transmitter down the garden, I remaining in the house, operating the other one: very interesting. Wrote a letter to Uncle Tom.

16 Wed. Rather cold, dull, rather misty: calm with occasional gusts. Got the groceries locally: also fish. In afternoon met Alan Spooner on Wimbledon Common for some model flying. I flew my model with good results: one or two flights were particularly good. Alan flew his 5ft 6ins glider from a tow line: he got some good glides but slightly damaged the wing in collision with a tree. It was exciting flying such a large machine, it weighs 1¼ lbs and is dangerously fast; I should not like to be struck by it. The three children called; gave them some ginger bread to take home.

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