1 May 2016

13th-14th Oct 1946: picture perfect... and cleaner's 'blood pressure breakdown'

13 Sun. Rather cold, dull, not much wind. Short walk in afternoon. Mrs. and Edie Hopkins came to tea. Played some Beethoven on the piano and some hymns on the organ.

14 Mon. Cold, dismal, not much wind. To Merton where I bought a high-tension battery, 120 volts price 14/2 – three times the pre-war price. Also bought cats meat. In afternoon bought a piece of picture glass in Haydon’s Road. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and baby Margaret called in afternoon. It was Laurie’s birthday on Sat: he was six and he brought two pieces of cake for Ciss and I. I cut some roses, they were for the baby; her first gift of roses. Gwennie laid the roses on little Margaret’s pram. Framed the cornfield landscape using the glass bought this afternoon: another picture for the home. Mrs. Conley who is in hospital with a blood pressure breakdown was a little easier to-day.

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