18 May 2016

11th-12th Nov 1946: cycling after dark

"her laugh has sunshine in it"

11 Mon. Rather cold, dull, almost calm. Bought fish and a cycle lamp battery at Morden. Planted wallflowers and bulbs in garden and started making small rock garden. The three children called with a piece of the baby’s christening cake. Paid the club, riding there on my bike; the first time I have ridden my bike after dark for years. Having fitted a rear light & having a headlamp I rode to the club to save trudging there on foot.

12 Tues. Rather cold, very dull, calm. Bought methylated spirit, Marmite & cement locally. Finished building the rockery and planted a few bulbs on it. Shall plant other things in the spring. The children brought the loaf as usual. Showed them the whistling kettle. Josette Winsley told me her second name was Rosamund: what a lovely name for a lovely girl. She is so merry and her laugh has sunshine in it.

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