31 May 2016

7th-8th Dec 1946: stone hot water bottle

7 Sat. Very cold, dull, rain at each end of the day. Bought tinned steak & kidney pudding and tinned marmalade pudding and flour at local grocers. Posted calendar to Elsie in Canada, Bought fish, cats meat, apples and mustard & cress at Merton. Bought a stone hot water bottle locally. Saw Major and Mrs Skey in Chemists in Coombe Lane. Bought balsa cement at Merton & rock cakes in Coombe Lane: a busy afternoon.

8 Sun. Cold, very dull, downpour all day: east wind. The children called: they were interested when I played a tune on the toy saxophone. John Child called in evening.

Note: looks as if  Fred may keep my Xmas present for himself! - Tony

30 May 2016

5th-6th Dec 1946: saxophone

5 Thur. Severe white frost lasting well into the morning: less cold, dull, misty, rain later. To local butchers & chemists in morning. To Morden in afternoon bought and thence to a toy shop where I bought a toy saxophone for a Xmas present for Anthony: it has eight keys and one may play simple tunes on it. I got some fun out of playing it. Finished winding secondary of Celestion output transformer.

6 Fri. White frost, cold day with some sunshine. To butchers etc as usual on Friday – all local shops. Cleaned and polished the dining-room floor.

Note: I can't remember receiving a saxophone! Perhaps he kept it to play with - I'll watch this diary for any more references. - Tony

29 May 2016

3rd-4th Dec 1946: louspeaker guru

3 Tues. Cold, dull, bitter wind. Fitted centring device to loud-speaker and tested with a temporary transformer. To Merton to buy fish.

4 Wed. Cold, bitter N wind, some moderate sunny periods. Got the groceries locally, some stamps in Martin Way and cats meat in Morden. Looking in the toy shops. Gwennie, Donald and little Margaret called in morning. Took some turns off the primary of Celestion output transformer & started putting on more turns on the secondary to match up to a somewhat higher resistance speech coil.

28 May 2016

1st-2nd Dec 1946: more Xmas cards... fish.. cleaned windows

December 1 Sun. Rather mild, sunny morning, dull, heavy rain setting in later. Didn’t go out to-day. The usual children called, also Peter Child who was very interested in my aeroplane.

2 Mon. Rather cold, dull: no rain. To Morden in morning; bought a few children’s Xmas cards at Woolworths. Bought fish locally. Cleaned all the front windows. Carole Winsley and her mother passed the house and as she went by Carole said to me “hullo dear”: wasn’t that lovely; she is only just turned two years old.

27 May 2016

29th-30th Nov 1946: meat from Australia

29 Fri. Rather cold, a few sunny periods in morning, dull, heavy showers later. Got the week-end meat etc locally. Bought some more Xmas cards at Woolworth’s, Wimbledon in afternoon. Did the usual house-cleaning to-day.

30 Sat. Rather mild for time of year, dull, showers. Bought a tinned steak and kidney pudding at the butchers, made in Australia, it was exceptionally nice. Bought fish locally in afternoon and a dish-cloth in Wimbledon. Got Ciss’ shoes after repair at Essani’s. Met little Evelyn Baden-Powell in Essani’s, I had missed her for a long time, she told me she had been ill and her mother as well. The three children called – all in larky mood. Mrs. Collis called; she greatly admired my model aeroplane.

26 May 2016

27th-28th Nov 1946: Woolworths... for nearly everything!

27 Wed. Rather mild, dull, windy, rain commencing in early afternoon. Got a lot of groceries including a strawberry jelly and some icing sugar. Bought sausages and fish in Coombe Lane. Fixed flexible surround to new loudspeaker cone.

28 Thur. Very cool, very dull, less wind, rain all day. To Morden in morning bought cats meat all ½ doz Xmas cards and a calendar at Woolworth’s. A letter from Rev. Chas. Staden acknowledging receipt of the long-wave coil. Fitted cone to loud-speaker.

25 May 2016

25th-26th Nov 1946: Christmas cards...

25 Mon. Rather cold, dull, very heavy showers. Made a new speech coil of somewhat higher resistance. To Merton in afternoon to buy cats meat. Posted parcel to Chas. Staden. Cycled home from Merton in a deluge. Doreen & Terry were drenched coming home from school and could not get indoors as their mother was out so they came in here very, very wet.

26 Tues. Very cool, some sunny periods, stiff S.W. breeze. Made new loud-speaker cone. Landlord called. To Wimbledon in afternoon: bought Xmas cards at Woolworths, where I met Mrs. Jordan who said Teddy Green, her daughter’s husband was very ill. Laurie & Donald brought some meat for the cats.

24 May 2016

23rd-24th Nov 1946: radio times

23 Sat. Rather cold, dull, heavy rain commencing in afternoon. To Wimbledon along rail path in afternoon. Bought saccharin at Boots, a birthday card for Mrs. Matson at Woolworths, fish locally also a tube of glue. Experimented with two sets coupled to one aerial: a great increase in signal strength but much flatter in tune. Wrote letter to Chas. Staden enclosing it in a box with the L.W. coil ready for posting on Monday.

24 Sun. Rather cold, very dull, rain all day. Did not go out. John Child called in evening: showed him a few things – the micrometer etc and tuned in 3 U.S.A. stations on the short waves.

23 May 2016

21st-22nd Nov 1946: wash & polish for floor

21 Thur. Rather mild. Some surprising sunny periods between showers, very rough and a flash of lightning in early evening. To butchers and greengrocers in morning: bought fish & a paper in Wimbledon in afternoon. Posted three letters including one for Miss Perkins in the Argentine. Finished re-winding long-wave coil for Chas. Staden, needs mounting now. The three children called; gave Gwennie a dark blue pixie cap.

22 Fri. Cold, cloudy: bitter wind. Did the usual shopping locally, also to Morden to buy cats’ meat; bought a torch bulb at Woolworths’ there. Washed & polished dining room floor & did the dusting. Mounted Chas. Staden’s L.W. coil on its socket, tested and passed O.K.

22 May 2016

19th-20th Nov 1946: experiments with coils

19 Tues. Rather cold, dismal, misty, rain all day. Bought fish locally. Wrote & posted a letter to Uncle Tom. Gwennie & Laurie called: showed them some experiments with a magnet a battery and a coil of wire.

20 Wed. Mild for November: rain most of the day. One gleam of sunshine in afternoon with half a rainbow. Got the groceries locally, also bought fish and a tin of salmon in Morden. The three children called with some meat for the pussies. Started re-winding the long wave coil for Rev Chas. Staden.

21 May 2016

17th-18th Nov 1946: bottled goosberries

17 Sun. Rather cold, very dull, rain most of the day. Went to baby Margaret’s christening party. A nice tea with jelly, blanc-mange*, bottled gooseberries and cream. Cousin Maud was there and Gwennie, Laurie and Donald were very lively.

18 Mon. Bitterly cold, dismal, piercing SW wind. Unwound Chas Staden’s long-wave coil with a view to re-winding as it was coming to pieces. To Merton to buy cats meat. The three children called.

*Fred often hyphenates words which have since become one, without a hyphen

20 May 2016

15th-16th Nov 1946: former air-raid shelter friends

15 Fri. Rather cold, dull, rain later. Did the usual shopping: got steak at butchers. Fish at Morden. Washed & polished dining room floor. Met Mrs. Stansfield who said her husband had retired: we got to know them at the air-raid shelter. Paid a short visit to see how Mrs. Conley is getting on. She had haemorrhage of the brain. She must take things very easy,

16 Sat. Rather cold, very dull, misty. Bought fish in morning. Also in afternoon bought glass paper and Bismarck brown* locally. Did a bit of house & window cleaning. Aunt Liza called. Told Gwennie I would accept her mother’s invitation to go to tea with them tomorrow. Fitted the re-wound R & A output transformer and found it works. Shall put it into the cabinet to test it for quality of reproduction: it seems promising.

*used for staining live cells, says Wikipedia. Perhaps this was for model aircraft's thin tissues? Perhaps there will be a later reference. 

19 May 2016

13th-14th Nov 1946: Chestnut Road tarred

13 Wed. Cold, clear, sunny day. Got the groceries locally. To Morden to buy cats meat. The three children called. Played a rubber of spelling bee game with Gwennie: I allowed her to win, but she did extremely well. The road outside was tarred and stoned by high speed tarring, stoning and rolling machines: it was all done in half an hour.

14 Thur. Cold, gloomy, rain all day. To butchers and chemists locally. Also to pay Doris for a loaf. Wound primary on new bobbin for an output transformer.

18 May 2016

11th-12th Nov 1946: cycling after dark

"her laugh has sunshine in it"

11 Mon. Rather cold, dull, almost calm. Bought fish and a cycle lamp battery at Morden. Planted wallflowers and bulbs in garden and started making small rock garden. The three children called with a piece of the baby’s christening cake. Paid the club, riding there on my bike; the first time I have ridden my bike after dark for years. Having fitted a rear light & having a headlamp I rode to the club to save trudging there on foot.

12 Tues. Rather cold, very dull, calm. Bought methylated spirit, Marmite & cement locally. Finished building the rockery and planted a few bulbs on it. Shall plant other things in the spring. The children brought the loaf as usual. Showed them the whistling kettle. Josette Winsley told me her second name was Rosamund: what a lovely name for a lovely girl. She is so merry and her laugh has sunshine in it.

17 May 2016

10th Nov 1946: a social Sunday

10 Sun. Cold, dull but fairly clear. The children called, Gwennie was proud in a new navy blue coat and a light grey beaver hat. John Child called he was interested in the magnets, but he called for some pop-tree seeds and wanted to know all about them. Ciss took Anthony’s clockwork aeroplane toy to Tolworth. Cousin Doris’ baby Margaret Rose was christened to-day.

16 May 2016

9th Nov 1946: present for your blogger

9 Sat. Very cold, very dull, strong cold wind; showers. Anne & Victor Conley came back to-day: they have been staying with an Aunt at Motspur Park while their mother who comes out of hospital tomorrow has been ill. Anne made a great fuss of me and held my hand. To Coombe Lane to buy a cake and some fish. To Wimbledon to buy a birthday card for Anthony and a clockwork aerodrome which has two toy aeroplanes which whirl round a tower. Also bought a garden rake at Woolworths. Re-wound secondary of Celestion output transformer.

15 May 2016

8th Nov 1946: family cremation... electronic discovery

8 Fri. Very cold, very dull; bitter NE wind. Did all the usual week-end shopping locally, also bought cats’ meat at Morden.

Uncle Will’s remains were cremated to-day; it was his wish. Only Dad, Aunt Liza and Uncle Ben remain of the family now. Uncle Will was a forceful personality and abounding in self-confidence. He was devoted to his wife whom we rarely see and they now live at Romford.

Experimenting with a tapped secondary output transformer. I discovered the cause of transformer distortion*. An out-of-phase effect is set up in high-amplitude frequencies due to the secondary being influence by the magnetic field of the centre core. The secondary should have currents induced in it from the outer poles of the core only. The secondary should be separated from the primary and wound as close to the outer poles as possible. I have made a note of it as I regard this as a discovery of great importance.

* Note: For most transformers, core saturation is a very undesirable effect, and it is avoided through good design: engineering the windings and core so that magnetic flux densities remain well below the saturation levels. This ensures that the relationship between mmf and Φ is more linear throughout the flux cycle, which is good because it makes for less distortion in the magnetization current waveform. Also, engineering the core for low flux densities provides a safe margin between the normal flux peaks and the core saturation limits to accommodate occasional, abnormal conditions such as frequency variation and DC offset.
Quoted from and acknowledged to:

14 May 2016

7th Nov 1946: creativity

7 Thur. Cold, very gloomy, misty drizzle. To butchers only to-day. Made a bobbin on which to wind a new output transformer winding. Mrs. Akroyd called bringing some wallets, purses and bags she has made from coloured plastic fabric.

13 May 2016

5th-6th Nov 1946: her daddy was killed in the war

5 Tues. Rather cold, foggy, save for a short while in afternoon when the sun just came through. To Merton in morning to buy fish. Unwound secondary of output transformer and re-wound it tapped in three places for experiment. The three children called. Laurie had his chin cut at school and had to have it stitched at Hospital. Josette Winsley came to the door with the others, she is a nice little girl but she has no Daddy, he was killed in the war.

6 Wed. Cold, dull, rather foggy but the sun drove it away for a short time in the afternoon. Was sorry to hear from Aunt Hannah this morning that Uncle Will died in the early hours of yesterday morning. He had been in a precarious state of health for some years. Went to see if Uncle Ben knew: he had been told by letter as was Aunt Liza. Did the usual shopping locally. More experimenting with output transformers.

12 May 2016

3rd-4th Nov 1946: compost, fish and bloater paste

3 Sun. Less cold, dull, little wind. Short walk in afternoon; met Mrs. Child bringing some children home from the Sunday School. Nita with her tiny brother Clive walked a little way with me.

4 Mon. Very mild, 62 degs: as lovely a sunny day as one could expect in November: perfect. Did some digging in the garden, burying some compost. To Morden: bought fish, bloater paste, and a G.E.C. electric rear light for my bicycle. Posted letter to Cousin Elsie.

11 May 2016

1st-2nd Nov 1946: watched wartime shelter being 'destructed'

1 Nov. Fri. Very cold, dull. The usual Fri. morning shopping. To station to buy a paper in afternoon thence to Amity Grove where I saw a shelter destructor at work. In the few minutes I was watching it demolished ¾ters of a surface shelter to the interest and amusement of the inhabitants – especially the children. Saw Mr. Akhurst while there. Finished winding the R and A. output transformer, both primary and secondary.

2 Sat. Cold, foggy to begin the day; dull, rain at night. To Merton in afternoon, bought fish pieces, scouring powder and pears. Assembled the output transformer and fitted it to loud-speaker and tested it. It may take a little while to get run in but first results are not too good.

9 May 2016

30th-31st Oct 1946: spelling bee... and winding a transformer

30 Wed. Cold, misty, cloudy: windy. Got the groceries as usual: met Alf’s Lily in the grocers. The three children made a short stay.

31 Thur. Very cold, very dull, strong cold wind. To butchers, cold meat shop and to get some fish, also to take accumulator and to get a paper. The children called, and Gwennie and I played the spelling bee card game and each won a game: I tell her she must come and play a rubber; she will win, that is a foregone conclusion! Put more turns re-winding the output transformer.

8 May 2016

27th-29th October 1946: loves the kids

27 Sun. Cold, gloomy, much rain. Short walk in afternoon, met Audrey Child bringing the children home from Sunday School, so I had to turn back with them. What a crowd; they seem to like me. Wrote long letter for Cousin Elsie in Canada.

28 Mon. Cold, dismal, damp. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and baby Margaret called in morning. To buy fish locally. To Mr. Evans the landlord’s house at Motspur Park. Started unwinding a broken down output transformer with a view to repair.

29 Tues. Cold, hazy, the sun nearly came through once. The children called morning and evening so I had a day of them. They have a mid-term holiday and don’t I know it: still I love them.

7 May 2016

25th-26th Oct 1946: sister's cleaned hat

25 Fri. Very cold, clear sunny day: bitter wind. Did the Fri. morning shopping locally also to Morden also to Wimbledon to get a hat for Ciss from the cleaners. Washed floor of dining room and dusted it. Received, Australia, Canada and Quito S. America on short-waves, numbers of U.S.A. stations.

26 Sat. Less cold, gloomy, showers: less wind. Shopping locally also to Merton to buy cats meat, split peas, haricot beans , and a bunch of large black grapes for Mrs. Conley who is in hospital. Did some heavy work in the garden preparing a bed for some spring flowers.

6 May 2016

23rd-24th Oct 1946: heard Australia on my short-wave radio

23 Wed. Cold, gloomy, bitter NE wind. Got the groceries: waved to Winifred Ewens. To Wimbledon to get the big saw from Hughes who have sharpened it: also to get fish. To dear Mother’s grave in afternoon. In addition to daffodils already planted I, to-day planted some wallflowers and some purple crocus bulbs.

24 Thur. Very cold: fine, bright sunny day: bitter NE wind. To butchers to buy liver also to cold meat shop. Got accumulator. Did some work in the garden preparing a bed for bulbs and wallflowers. Some work on cabinet for a new S.W. receiver. Received Melbourne, Australia on the short waves.

5 May 2016

21st-22nd Oct 1946: long indoor aerial

21 Mon. Mild, some sunshine early otherwise dull: drizzle in afternoon. Wrote letter to Fred Fraine, posted it with one to Harold Conrade. Re-staked two loganberries and tied them up, also tied up the yellow jasmine. To Wimbledon where I bought fish, 2 doz. purple crocus bulbs and a packet of Maplemeat.

22 Tues. Rather mild, gloomy; rain nearly all day. Posted two letters. Bought aerial wire in Coombe Lane. Saw Mrs. and Joan Conrade there. Fitted a permanent indoor aerial from inside the roof down the staircase and into the dining room: it seems to have excellent pick-up qualities giving powerful results and is practically invisible. Shall be interested to try it on the short waves.

4 May 2016

19th-20th Oct 1946: peeps

19 Sat. Rather cold becoming very mild; the sun almost came through once or twice; a few light showers. Gwennie, Laurie and Donald called: Laurie brought his glider and flew it on the bomb space. Posted letter to Uncle Tom. To Wimbledon where I bought fish, some white wrapping paper at Woolworths and one dozen Golden Harvest daffodils, price 7/6 at Faulkners. Planted the daffs, with some of last year’s (Carlton) on dear Mother’s grave also some forget-me-nots. Dug up the last of the beetroots. Mrs. Denny (Ivy Hersey) called.

20 Sun. Very mild for season a few peeps of sunshine but rain later. Wrote letter to Harold Marshall.

3 May 2016

17th-18th Oct 1946: birthday kisses

17 Thur. Rather cold, cloudy. Sent post-card to Anthony. Received 2 pairs of socks, a tablet of scented soap and a birthday card from Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie: my birthday is tomorrow. Wrote letter to acknowledge the same. To Wimbledon to buy a few things and to make an appointment for Ciss with Mr. Callander the dentist. Bought a few things locally. Received Montreal on 24 metres very strongly on the loud-speaker.

18 Fri. Cold, cloudy, chilly wind. I am 58 to-day. Wrote letter thanking Uncle Tom for the presents. Did the usual shopping locally: bought some really fresh cats meat at Morden. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and baby Margaret in her pram called. When I told Gwennie it was my birthday she made a fuss of me and kiss, kiss, kissed me – oh, she is a dear. Received a short wave station whose name I cannot spell but the announcer said it was in French equatorial Africa.

Note: no telephone, has to make dental appointment by visiting. 

2 May 2016

15th-16th Oct 1946: I owed one penny to shop

15 Tues. Rather cold, dismal, calm. Alan Spooner called bringing an ex W.D. portable short-wave transmitter-receiver. He transmitted while I received on my set with the short wave coils plugged in. Bought fish locally, also to the glass shop in Haydon’s Rd to pay a penny I owe them. From thence to see Alan Spooner at home in Russell Rd. He showed me his 5ft 6ins glider also he had another transmitter and we were able to converse while he carried his transmitter down the garden, I remaining in the house, operating the other one: very interesting. Wrote a letter to Uncle Tom.

16 Wed. Rather cold, dull, rather misty: calm with occasional gusts. Got the groceries locally: also fish. In afternoon met Alan Spooner on Wimbledon Common for some model flying. I flew my model with good results: one or two flights were particularly good. Alan flew his 5ft 6ins glider from a tow line: he got some good glides but slightly damaged the wing in collision with a tree. It was exciting flying such a large machine, it weighs 1¼ lbs and is dangerously fast; I should not like to be struck by it. The three children called; gave them some ginger bread to take home.

1 May 2016

13th-14th Oct 1946: picture perfect... and cleaner's 'blood pressure breakdown'

13 Sun. Rather cold, dull, not much wind. Short walk in afternoon. Mrs. and Edie Hopkins came to tea. Played some Beethoven on the piano and some hymns on the organ.

14 Mon. Cold, dismal, not much wind. To Merton where I bought a high-tension battery, 120 volts price 14/2 – three times the pre-war price. Also bought cats meat. In afternoon bought a piece of picture glass in Haydon’s Road. Gwennie, Laurie, Donald and baby Margaret called in afternoon. It was Laurie’s birthday on Sat: he was six and he brought two pieces of cake for Ciss and I. I cut some roses, they were for the baby; her first gift of roses. Gwennie laid the roses on little Margaret’s pram. Framed the cornfield landscape using the glass bought this afternoon: another picture for the home. Mrs. Conley who is in hospital with a blood pressure breakdown was a little easier to-day.