29 April 2016

9th-10th Oct 1946: still-born, Dad on leave from Germany

9 Wed. Cold, very dull: rough E wind. Got the groceries, cooking apples, fish locally. Also to McAinsh’s to get a loaf of bread. Took the geraniums off dear Mother’s grave. I divided the big one into three, all well rooted, and planted into pots. Conley’s have got a piano and I went to see it. Post a large parcel and two post-cards.

10 Thur. Cold, very dull, raging bitter NE wind. Spent the morning trying to buy two flower pots but failed. I even went to Hamptons at Coombe Hill, but even they cannot get them. Met Mrs. Conrade who told me that Joan had had a still-born baby. I was very sorry. She said Harold was home on leave but would return to Germany in a few days. Bought a few things locally. Re-made, stained and polished an oak picture frame and mounted a beautiful cornfield landscape picture. Shall get the glass tomorrow: I did not.

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