28 April 2016

7th-8th Oct 1946: cycle lamp battery lights gas-lamp bedroom

7 Mon. Morning frost, rather cold day; a little hazy sunshine in afternoon: calm. Bought flex wire, a cycle-lamp battery and bulb and paraffin oil locally. To Morden cats meat shop. Bought miniature lamp holder at Merton. Ted & Beryl Spranklin Green called in evening to collect a Badminton outfit from the wardrobe cupboard we are minding for them.

8 Tues. Rather cold, dull, cloudy. Bought fish locally. Fitted a miniature electric light and switch in Ciss’ room. It is run from a cycle lamp battery with a brightly polished aluminium reflector behind the lamp, the illumination is surprisingly good. The roses in Hamptons Nursery beds at Coombe Hill are full of bloom, considering the lateness of the season.

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