7 April 2016

5th-6th Sept 1946: Mr Dingwall's glass

5 Thur. Mild, quite a fair amount of autumnal sunshine, a few light showers; very rough and gusty. To Merton to buy cats meat, also bought butter beans & dried green peas there. Bought tinned goods locally. Tried at Smalldon’s and at Merton to buy a piece of picture glass but eventually got it at Dingwall’s. Mr. Dingwall served me: a wonderful man of 83. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called, gave them some sticky burrs. Kennie Morris brought some poppy heads for me to gild: he was pleased. Gilded a picture frame, fitted the new glass and re-framed Mr. Bradley’s water-colour of the Windmill on Wimbledon Common and hung it in Ciss’ room. More straightening up in evening: the house is now in better trim than for more than two years.

6 Fri. Cool, soon becoming mild. Some sunshine early but soon becoming dull and windy with rain commencing midday. To the butchers. Also to pay for the newspapers and to buy some sweets. Was pounced on by Ann Conley as I came out of the shop so had to give her a sweet and was escorted home by her. To Morden to buy fish and a tin of white cellulose enamel. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald brought some meat. Laid the carpet on the stairs.

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