27 April 2016

5th-6th Oct 1946: Holloways move

5 Sat. Cool, very dull, some drizzle. Ciss started work at Bridge Wharf, Vauxhall as her firm have gone back from the Priory, Wimbledon Common to their original headquarters. To Wimbledon to buy fish. Dorothy Longhurst came to tea & stayed to supper, she brought some grapes: lovely girl. Uncle Ben called in evening: Dorothy seemed interested in his conversation. Put the clocks back an hour to-night.

6 Sun. Rather cold, fine, bright sunny day: stiff N breeze. Flew the model on the Common using the new 26 ins fuselage with the elevated tail with good results in a breeze. It is a fine flier and beautiful to look at in the air. Met a pre-war modellist and his charming wife there. The model flew into two trees but tumbled out of each with only superficial damage: I was able to fly it just the same.

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