4 April 2016

30th-31st August 1946: black, green & cream... picture this

30 Fri. Cool, a few gleams of weak sunshine otherwise cloudy: still very rough. The men painted the scullery green and cream. Also papered the passage and put up a border. The children called in morning: the first time Donald has been out since his illness. Started to straighten out the upstairs rooms.

31 Sat. Very cool, dull, rain most of the day, a rainbow at evening; windy. The workmen varnished the scullery and painted the lavatory. I black enamelled the grate in my room, put up mantel board & overmantle. Cleaned the bedroom windows & put up clean, green curtains. Put up some pictures. Did some shopping locally. Gwennie & Laurie called. I repaired Laurie’s glider. Put up the airer in scullery.

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