3 April 2016

28th-29th August 1946: start on scullery

Newquay: this postcard was sent to Fred's brother, Albert, at his office
 at 12 Lime St, London EC3  on 28 July 1928.
28 Wed. Cool, dismal, heavy clouds: almost 24 hours of heavy rain, very rough indeed. The workmen varnished the passage & the staircase, also painted & distempered the little room. There is a lot of work and inconvenience since clearing the rooms and shifting furniture about. Dear Gwennie called and played pinboard with me, also spelling bee card game, beat your neighbour out of doors and draughts: she won nearly all the games, of course. Post card from Len & Emily at Newquay: they met Connie Bradley there.

29 Thur. Cool, cloudy, very boisterous indeed; light showers. The painters varnished the paintwork in the two back bedrooms and started painting the scullery. Gwennie & Laurie came in afternoon. Played beat your neighbour out of doors and spelling bee. Gwennie painted some bunches of flowers.

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