18 April 2016

27th-28th Sept 1946: Margaret Rose

27 Fri. Rather warm, lovely sunny day. Did the usual Fri. morning shopping. Met Mrs. Philpot who told me Winnie Ewens is not so well, so has not been able to wave out of her window. Heard that Cousin Doris had a baby girl yesterday: both are doing well. Gwennie has named her Margaret Rose. To Merton in afternoon to buy split peas and butter beans. To Mrs. Child to tell her the news of Doris, met Mrs. Snudden there. Fitted some metal bushes to new fuselage; these are for attaching the undercart.

28 Sat. Rather warm, lovely sunny afternoon but for a rough E wind. To Merton to buy fish. Cut the lawn. Trimmed the sweet briar, took a cutting from same and planted it. Trimmed the jasmine. Aunt Liza called.

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