17 April 2016

25th-26th Sept 1946: rooted

25 Wed. Very mild, dull and cloudy, little wind: not unpleasant. Got the groceries as usual, also to Morden to buy cats meat. Bought sash cord locally. Finished the second side of new fuselage. Fitted new cords to the clothes airer in the scullery. Also painted the woodwork with white celluloid enamel: painted the metal brackets pale blue. Walked to the station and back in evening.

26 Thur. Rather warm, cloudy but a little hazy sunshine and a light shower. Did some shopping locally. To Wimbledon Common extension where I took some briar cuttings which I planted in the garden. Two which I planted last autumn have rooted and thrown up shoots: I shall be able to bud them next year.

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