16 April 2016

23rd-24th Sept 1946: Methodist Recorders and rhubarb

23 Mon. Cool, dismal morning, lovely, mild, sunny afternoon – quite a treat. Started building one side of a new 26 ins fuselage. Painted the lavatory set with white, celluloid, enamel.

24 Tues. Rather mild, some hazy sunshine. Started building second side of new fuselage. Took some Methodist Recorders* and some rhubarb to Mrs. Child. Got an extra loaf of bread from Mrs McAinsh. Evelyn Baden-Powell is very friendly and she says when I take my aeroplane on the Common I must knock for her. I should like to bless her heart, but it isn’t done. Heard with much regret of the death of Reg. Bright who married Daisy Duncton. He died some while ago but we have only just heard.

*Published continuously since 1861.  

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