14 April 2016

19th-20th Sept 1946: fruits

19 Thur. Rather cool, very dull, windy, rain commencing in late afternoon. Bought fish in Morden & aspirin in Merton. Bought 8 lengths of 1/8 x 1/8 balsa, some 1/8th sheet balsa and a tube of balsa cement at Normans. Designed a new fuselage with a slightly elevated tail and of more generous proportions than the existing one.

20 Fri. Rather cool, dismal, very boisterous, heavy rain all day. Did the shopping locally, also to Morden in a deluge to buy cats meat and prunes. Ciss returned from Wilstead* this evening bringing a gorgeous William pear for me from Dolly; she also brought damsons and blackberries to make jam

* A village just south of Bedford. Nearby, in the early forties, was Royal Ordnance Factory Elstow - ROF Elstow - where munitions were packed. It had 250 buildings and 15miles of standard guage railway lines. It was situated between a railway and the main A6 trunk road. It closed in this year, 1946. 

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