12 April 2016

15th-16th Sept 1946: Ciss off to Bedford...

15 Sun. Rather cold but becoming mild: sunshine almost all day but little warmth in it: windy. Flew my model on Wimbledon Common in afternoon with good results in a rather erratic wind. Was pleased and surprised to see Alan and Fred Spooner approaching, so they were able to see a few flights.

16 Mon. Very cool, dull, but a few gleams of sunshine at intervals; windy, of course. Ciss went to Bedford** for a few days holiday, so am alone but I don’t mind. To Merton to buy fish etc also model aero rubber and dope. Re-made, stained and polished another picture frame and cut out two white card mounts to which I attached the coloured landscape pictures bought last Monday; hope to get glass and finish them tomorrow. Paid the Slate Club.

**Fred's sister, 'Ciss' (Theresa), no doubt travelled on the Green Line Coach that we saw Fred check the times of a few days ago.

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