11 April 2016

13th-14th Sept 1946: makes picture frame

13 Fri. Rather cold, dull morning but some welcome if weak sunshine in late afternoon. To the butchers and other shops locally in morning. Also bought fish at Morden. Bought sheet of white card locally to make picture mounts of. Gwennie & Donald called: Ann also gate-crashed in. Bought some lead pencils the first for years. Did a repair to my self-filling pen with which this is written.

14 Sat. Rather cold, dismal, windy, heavy rain all the afternoon. Dug up four beetroots and boiled them. I do this every week-end now. To Merton in afternoon bought cats meat. Bought a few things locally and to the station to buy a paper. Made a large oak picture frame into a smaller one, stained and french polished it. I will do another the same to make a pair.

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