30 April 2016

11th-12th October 1946: singing cleaner taken ill

Bliss in Herne Bay - never mind the seaside - the little boy now adding
 this caption stayed in 3, Cobblers Bridge Road  (the second semi-detached bungalow
 on the right), with a garden backing on the RAILWAY! Great excitement. For years
the very idea of a 'bungalow' also represented holidays. 
11 Fri. Cold, bright, clear sunny day, but a raging cold NE wind, Got the meat and other provisions locally, also bought smoked filletted whiting, very tasty, at Morden. Cats meat also at Morden. Wrote a letter to the Tolworth folk who are at Herne Bay. Letter from Aunt Nellie saying Uncle Tom has got the flu and will not be coming Monday as promised. Met Cousin Doris and the new baby twice to-day.

12 Sat. Cold, very dull: less wind. Mrs. Conley, who did some cleaning here yesterday afternoon was taken seriously ill at her work in Wimbledon this morning. She seemed perfectly well here and was singing as she worked.

To Morden and elsewhere to buy a cake, came back and bought one in Coombe Lane price 1/5 for two units – they are counted in bread rationing. Bought fish locally.

29 April 2016

9th-10th Oct 1946: still-born, Dad on leave from Germany

9 Wed. Cold, very dull: rough E wind. Got the groceries, cooking apples, fish locally. Also to McAinsh’s to get a loaf of bread. Took the geraniums off dear Mother’s grave. I divided the big one into three, all well rooted, and planted into pots. Conley’s have got a piano and I went to see it. Post a large parcel and two post-cards.

10 Thur. Cold, very dull, raging bitter NE wind. Spent the morning trying to buy two flower pots but failed. I even went to Hamptons at Coombe Hill, but even they cannot get them. Met Mrs. Conrade who told me that Joan had had a still-born baby. I was very sorry. She said Harold was home on leave but would return to Germany in a few days. Bought a few things locally. Re-made, stained and polished an oak picture frame and mounted a beautiful cornfield landscape picture. Shall get the glass tomorrow: I did not.

28 April 2016

7th-8th Oct 1946: cycle lamp battery lights gas-lamp bedroom

7 Mon. Morning frost, rather cold day; a little hazy sunshine in afternoon: calm. Bought flex wire, a cycle-lamp battery and bulb and paraffin oil locally. To Morden cats meat shop. Bought miniature lamp holder at Merton. Ted & Beryl Spranklin Green called in evening to collect a Badminton outfit from the wardrobe cupboard we are minding for them.

8 Tues. Rather cold, dull, cloudy. Bought fish locally. Fitted a miniature electric light and switch in Ciss’ room. It is run from a cycle lamp battery with a brightly polished aluminium reflector behind the lamp, the illumination is surprisingly good. The roses in Hamptons Nursery beds at Coombe Hill are full of bloom, considering the lateness of the season.

27 April 2016

5th-6th Oct 1946: Holloways move

5 Sat. Cool, very dull, some drizzle. Ciss started work at Bridge Wharf, Vauxhall as her firm have gone back from the Priory, Wimbledon Common to their original headquarters. To Wimbledon to buy fish. Dorothy Longhurst came to tea & stayed to supper, she brought some grapes: lovely girl. Uncle Ben called in evening: Dorothy seemed interested in his conversation. Put the clocks back an hour to-night.

6 Sun. Rather cold, fine, bright sunny day: stiff N breeze. Flew the model on the Common using the new 26 ins fuselage with the elevated tail with good results in a breeze. It is a fine flier and beautiful to look at in the air. Met a pre-war modellist and his charming wife there. The model flew into two trees but tumbled out of each with only superficial damage: I was able to fly it just the same.

26 April 2016

3rd-4th Oct 1946

3 Thur. Mild, cloudy after a short thunder storm in the early hours, almost calm. Bought sausage meat and fish locally. Bought a balsa block at Normans. Covered the new fuselage with light green tissue and doped it – the best fuselage I have made and very elegant. Made a nose-block and started fitting the propeller gear. Met Nellie Sidbury.

4 Fri. Cool, very dull: calm. Did the usual Fri. morning shopping locally, also bought fish at Morden. Started to make a picture frame by cutting down an old one. Ciss had the day off so did the washing to-day. She went to see Helen Payne and Mrs Hersey in afternoon. Small amount of work on model.

25 April 2016

1st-2nd Oct 1946: coloured tissue

1 Oct. Tues. Mild, lovely sunny afternoon; slight thunder at night. To Merton to buy cats meat among other things. In afternoon to new aero-shop end of Tudor Drive: bought balsa cement & green tissue – the first coloured tissue obtainable for years. Made splendid headway on new fuselage which should be beautiful.

2 Wed Very mild, lovely sunny morning; almost calm. Got the groceries as is usual on Wednesday. Also bought reel of blue silk and some buttons, and some vinegar. To Mrs. Child to take a present and some roses for Jennifer who is seven to-day. Mrs Child’s mother was there and also the late Mr Child’s twin sister whom I had not met before. Finished the new fuselage except covering it: I like it very much.

19 April 2016

29th-30th Sept 1946: harvest festival

29 Sun. Mild, dull, windy becoming calm by evening. Harvest Festival Sunday. The Children called bringing gifts of vegetable to take to the Sunday School. Frank Freeman called to talk about aeroplanes.

30 Mon. Mild, cloudy, fairly calm. Did more work on new fuselage. In afternoon got Ciss’ shoes and my shoes from the repairers. To Wimbledon to get my grey flannel trousers from the cleaners. In evening to Harvest Festival. Mr. Craig gave a talk on his home country – Weardale.

18 April 2016

27th-28th Sept 1946: Margaret Rose

27 Fri. Rather warm, lovely sunny day. Did the usual Fri. morning shopping. Met Mrs. Philpot who told me Winnie Ewens is not so well, so has not been able to wave out of her window. Heard that Cousin Doris had a baby girl yesterday: both are doing well. Gwennie has named her Margaret Rose. To Merton in afternoon to buy split peas and butter beans. To Mrs. Child to tell her the news of Doris, met Mrs. Snudden there. Fitted some metal bushes to new fuselage; these are for attaching the undercart.

28 Sat. Rather warm, lovely sunny afternoon but for a rough E wind. To Merton to buy fish. Cut the lawn. Trimmed the sweet briar, took a cutting from same and planted it. Trimmed the jasmine. Aunt Liza called.

17 April 2016

25th-26th Sept 1946: rooted

25 Wed. Very mild, dull and cloudy, little wind: not unpleasant. Got the groceries as usual, also to Morden to buy cats meat. Bought sash cord locally. Finished the second side of new fuselage. Fitted new cords to the clothes airer in the scullery. Also painted the woodwork with white celluloid enamel: painted the metal brackets pale blue. Walked to the station and back in evening.

26 Thur. Rather warm, cloudy but a little hazy sunshine and a light shower. Did some shopping locally. To Wimbledon Common extension where I took some briar cuttings which I planted in the garden. Two which I planted last autumn have rooted and thrown up shoots: I shall be able to bud them next year.

16 April 2016

23rd-24th Sept 1946: Methodist Recorders and rhubarb

23 Mon. Cool, dismal morning, lovely, mild, sunny afternoon – quite a treat. Started building one side of a new 26 ins fuselage. Painted the lavatory set with white, celluloid, enamel.

24 Tues. Rather mild, some hazy sunshine. Started building second side of new fuselage. Took some Methodist Recorders* and some rhubarb to Mrs. Child. Got an extra loaf of bread from Mrs McAinsh. Evelyn Baden-Powell is very friendly and she says when I take my aeroplane on the Common I must knock for her. I should like to bless her heart, but it isn’t done. Heard with much regret of the death of Reg. Bright who married Daisy Duncton. He died some while ago but we have only just heard.

*Published continuously since 1861.  

15 April 2016

21st-22nd Sept 1946: gusty

21 Sat. Cool, much sunshine but very weak in quality: windy. The wind blew at 100 miles per hour on the south coast yesterday. Chas was at Hastings and he has never seen the sea so rough. Did all the shopping locally in morning. Cycled round Wimbledon Common in afternoon and hunted Wimbledon for saccharine tablets and failed – but I got some at Matthews, locally!

22 Sun. Cool, some weak sunshine. A surprise visit to tea from Dad, Alb, Lily and Anthony. Mrs. Akroyd also came to tea.

14 April 2016

19th-20th Sept 1946: fruits

19 Thur. Rather cool, very dull, windy, rain commencing in late afternoon. Bought fish in Morden & aspirin in Merton. Bought 8 lengths of 1/8 x 1/8 balsa, some 1/8th sheet balsa and a tube of balsa cement at Normans. Designed a new fuselage with a slightly elevated tail and of more generous proportions than the existing one.

20 Fri. Rather cool, dismal, very boisterous, heavy rain all day. Did the shopping locally, also to Morden in a deluge to buy cats meat and prunes. Ciss returned from Wilstead* this evening bringing a gorgeous William pear for me from Dolly; she also brought damsons and blackberries to make jam

* A village just south of Bedford. Nearby, in the early forties, was Royal Ordnance Factory Elstow - ROF Elstow - where munitions were packed. It had 250 buildings and 15miles of standard guage railway lines. It was situated between a railway and the main A6 trunk road. It closed in this year, 1946. 

13 April 2016

17th-18th Sept 1946: picture framing complete... present of an egg!

17 Tues. Rather cool, rather windy, some sunshine in afternoon. To Merton to buy fish; tried two shops to see if I could get some picture glass: a place in Haydons Rd promised some to-morrow morning. Cut wooden backs for the two pictures. Increased the wing incidence of my model plane.

18 Wed. Cool, becoming milder: dull, rain all day. Got the groceries in morning. Also bought fish at Merton and two pieces of picture glass. Framed the two landscapes, backed them with thin wood and paper and hung them in the passage where they look really well. Posted letter to Chas Staden. Stripped fuselage and re-covered it with green tissue. Ann Conley brought me an egg.

12 April 2016

15th-16th Sept 1946: Ciss off to Bedford...

15 Sun. Rather cold but becoming mild: sunshine almost all day but little warmth in it: windy. Flew my model on Wimbledon Common in afternoon with good results in a rather erratic wind. Was pleased and surprised to see Alan and Fred Spooner approaching, so they were able to see a few flights.

16 Mon. Very cool, dull, but a few gleams of sunshine at intervals; windy, of course. Ciss went to Bedford** for a few days holiday, so am alone but I don’t mind. To Merton to buy fish etc also model aero rubber and dope. Re-made, stained and polished another picture frame and cut out two white card mounts to which I attached the coloured landscape pictures bought last Monday; hope to get glass and finish them tomorrow. Paid the Slate Club.

**Fred's sister, 'Ciss' (Theresa), no doubt travelled on the Green Line Coach that we saw Fred check the times of a few days ago.

11 April 2016

13th-14th Sept 1946: makes picture frame

13 Fri. Rather cold, dull morning but some welcome if weak sunshine in late afternoon. To the butchers and other shops locally in morning. Also bought fish at Morden. Bought sheet of white card locally to make picture mounts of. Gwennie & Donald called: Ann also gate-crashed in. Bought some lead pencils the first for years. Did a repair to my self-filling pen with which this is written.

14 Sat. Rather cold, dismal, windy, heavy rain all the afternoon. Dug up four beetroots and boiled them. I do this every week-end now. To Merton in afternoon bought cats meat. Bought a few things locally and to the station to buy a paper. Made a large oak picture frame into a smaller one, stained and french polished it. I will do another the same to make a pair.

10 April 2016

11th-12th Sept 1946: blue-eyed girls

11 Wed. Cool, very dull & cloudy, windy. Got the groceries at Eyles. Waved to Winifred Owens who looks out of her window for me. To Morden to buy fish and to enquire the time of a Green Line* coach to Luton. Saw the dear auburn-haired, blue-eyed girl who serves at Perrins music shop: spoke to her when I bought my book of Beethoven Sonatas last year. Walked through Kendor Gardens.

12 Thur. Cool morning, very dull but some pleasant sunshine in late afternoon. To butchers and fish shop in morning. Also to stationers in Coombe Lane to buy three rubber ink sacs to replace worn out ones in fountain pens. Fitted same to pens with good results. To Tolworth to take the small balsa glider to Anthony. He liked it very much and flew it on the lawn.

*Green Line is a commuter coach brand in the Home Counties of England. It is owned by ArrivaGreen Line has its origin in the network of coach services established by the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) in the 1920s and 1930s. After World War II, the network was part of London Transport Executive/London Transport Board, and from 1970 to 1986 was operated by London Country Bus Services.

Photo: Ian Roberts via Wikipedia

9 April 2016

9th-10th Sept 1946: Woolworths' pretty calendars

9 Mon. Mild, some autumnal sunshine. To Wimbledon to buy fish; bought two pictorial calendars at Woolworths. They were pretty pictures and intend to frame them. Re-laid more of the black & white tiles of the front path broken up in the bombing.

10 Tues. Rather mild, some pale sunshine morning & afternoon, very dull later. To Wimbledon to buy a few things in morning, also bought fish locally. Re-laid more tiles to front path; there is not much more to do to it. Gwennie & Laurie called but was too busy to pay much attention to them. 

8 April 2016

7th-8th Sept 1946: sports car and an army saloon collided head-on

7 Sat. Rather mild, some sun early, dull cloudy, rain setting in later. To Merton to buy fish. Bought cement locally. Started re-laying the damaged tile path in front of the house. Aunt Liza called.

8 Sun. Rather mild, very dismal, steady downpour till late afternoon, calm. Nothing worth recording. Short walk along Worple Road in evening. Was writing this at 10.30 p.m. when I heard a terrific crash on the arterial road and the sound of a skidding car. Went to see what had happened and found a sports car and an army saloon had collided almost head-on near the end of this road. The impact shows the cars to have been travelling at very high speed and both were very severely damaged. The ambulance arrived without delay and several people were taken to hospital. It was at most half an hour before police arrived.

7 April 2016

5th-6th Sept 1946: Mr Dingwall's glass

5 Thur. Mild, quite a fair amount of autumnal sunshine, a few light showers; very rough and gusty. To Merton to buy cats meat, also bought butter beans & dried green peas there. Bought tinned goods locally. Tried at Smalldon’s and at Merton to buy a piece of picture glass but eventually got it at Dingwall’s. Mr. Dingwall served me: a wonderful man of 83. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called, gave them some sticky burrs. Kennie Morris brought some poppy heads for me to gild: he was pleased. Gilded a picture frame, fitted the new glass and re-framed Mr. Bradley’s water-colour of the Windmill on Wimbledon Common and hung it in Ciss’ room. More straightening up in evening: the house is now in better trim than for more than two years.

6 Fri. Cool, soon becoming mild. Some sunshine early but soon becoming dull and windy with rain commencing midday. To the butchers. Also to pay for the newspapers and to buy some sweets. Was pounced on by Ann Conley as I came out of the shop so had to give her a sweet and was escorted home by her. To Morden to buy fish and a tin of white cellulose enamel. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald brought some meat. Laid the carpet on the stairs.

6 April 2016

3rd-4th Sept 1946: fat cats?

3 Tues. Cool, dismal, windy; rain all day. More house cleaning. Black enamelled the grate in front bedroom: cleaned some windows. Gwennie & Laurie brought some meat for the cats. They went back to school to-day after six weeks holiday.

4 Wed. Cool, dismal, rain – very heavy at times, all day; it has rained for 48 hours: very rough. To do shopping locally, also to Martin Way to buy fish: got soaked with rain. Laurie brought a lot of meat & fish for the cats. Still putting the front bedroom straight including cleaning the windows & putting up the bed.

5 April 2016

1st-2nd Sept 1946: hat rack

1 Sept. Sun. Mild; fearful clouds, rain on and off all day, some thunder. Gave Leonard Conley a sheet of torn balsa out of which he cut a new wing for his glider to replace a broken one.

2 Mon. Mild, cloudy, slight showers; less wind, a little weak sunshine in evening. Washed & polished the passage floor and put the cupboard back, after polishing it. Put up hat-rack. Gilded a picture frame and hung it in my room also three others. Put up mantel-board and overmantel in front bedroom. Replaced the contents of my bedroom cupboard. Gwennie & Laurie called: Gwennie gilded two poppy heads to take home.

4 April 2016

30th-31st August 1946: black, green & cream... picture this

30 Fri. Cool, a few gleams of weak sunshine otherwise cloudy: still very rough. The men painted the scullery green and cream. Also papered the passage and put up a border. The children called in morning: the first time Donald has been out since his illness. Started to straighten out the upstairs rooms.

31 Sat. Very cool, dull, rain most of the day, a rainbow at evening; windy. The workmen varnished the scullery and painted the lavatory. I black enamelled the grate in my room, put up mantel board & overmantle. Cleaned the bedroom windows & put up clean, green curtains. Put up some pictures. Did some shopping locally. Gwennie & Laurie called. I repaired Laurie’s glider. Put up the airer in scullery.

3 April 2016

28th-29th August 1946: start on scullery

Newquay: this postcard was sent to Fred's brother, Albert, at his office
 at 12 Lime St, London EC3  on 28 July 1928.
28 Wed. Cool, dismal, heavy clouds: almost 24 hours of heavy rain, very rough indeed. The workmen varnished the passage & the staircase, also painted & distempered the little room. There is a lot of work and inconvenience since clearing the rooms and shifting furniture about. Dear Gwennie called and played pinboard with me, also spelling bee card game, beat your neighbour out of doors and draughts: she won nearly all the games, of course. Post card from Len & Emily at Newquay: they met Connie Bradley there.

29 Thur. Cool, cloudy, very boisterous indeed; light showers. The painters varnished the paintwork in the two back bedrooms and started painting the scullery. Gwennie & Laurie came in afternoon. Played beat your neighbour out of doors and spelling bee. Gwennie painted some bunches of flowers.

2 April 2016

26th-27th August 1946: decorating continues

26 Mon. Very mild, heavy clouds with some sunshine: calm. The workmen finished the front bedroom and started distempering the staircase & passage. They also made a start on my bedroom. To local fish shop among other errands. Re-covered fuselage with green dyed tissue. Gwennie & Laurie called.

27 Tues. Very mild, mostly cloudy but a few moments of sunshine & a light shower: calm. To Merton in afternoon to buy fish: bought dope, tissue & balsa cement at Norman’s. Gwennie & Laurie brought a loaf of bread. The workmen distempered & painted my room also light oak-grained the passage paintworks & painted my room also light oak-grained the passage paintworks & outside of doors.