22 March 2016

8th-9th August 1946: first bananas bought for six years

8 Thur. Very mild becoming cool. Some very heavy showers with a few bursts of sunshine: very rough. Small amount of shopping locally and to Morden to buy fish. Tied up tomato plants. Bought two bananas from the greengrocer: first I have bought since before the war.

9 Fri. Very mild, very cloudy and dull; showers; heavy rain commencing by evening. Did the shopping in morning. Bought a birthday card and a magic painting book for dear Gwennie. To Morden to buy asthma cigarettes for Aunt Liza also cats meat – not for Aunt Liza. Gwennie came in afternoon to collect some rhubarb. While here she played draughts with me and Victor Conley: I let her beat me but she beat Victor roundly. To Alf’s in evening to collect some bike tyres he offered me: he has no use for them now.

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