19 March 2016

2nd - 3rd August 1946: Vimatol and Cannizaro

2 Fri. Very mild, mostly cloudy but a little sunshine & much wind. Got a nice piece of beef this week, also other articles both locally and in Wimbledon. Bought a large jar of Vimaltol for Gwennie. Went to see Len Garrod in evening: he gave me some home-grown apples.

3 Sat. Rather warm, mostly cloudy and threatening but a few sunny periods. A marvellous crimson gleam from the sun just before it set shone on windows and houses. Gwennie, Laurie & Donald called in morning they were very good. A walk on Wimbledon Common in evening. Passing Mrs Jordan’s house I saw her in the window. Had a talk with her and made a slight repair to her cuckoo clock. Met Chas, Gwennie & Laurie, they had been to a garden party at Cannizaro.

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