15 March 2016

27th-28th July 1946: Onward Christian Soldiers

27 Sat. Very mild, becoming cool: alternate heavy showers and sunshine. To Merton to buy fish. Came back through Wimbledon had to shelter from rain. Stood up in Dundonald Hall, watched young people playing table tennis. Covered & doped fuselage with green-stained tissue – not very satisfactory.

28. Very mild, becoming rather cool. A few sunny periods, & showers. Ann Conley came in morning to practise Onward Christian Soldiers, on the piano – one finger. I have heard hers and Gwennie’s efforts to play this tune ad nauseam. Ann can play half-way through the verse! Mr & Mrs McAinsh with Jeanette and baby Margaret called in evening. Jeanette came for some “pops” of the tree: the pneumatic pods amuse the children. Alan played some Beethoven – better than me. Showed them my aeroplane: I enjoyed their visit.

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