13 March 2016

24th July 1946: two years since bomb wrecked home

24 Wed. Becoming very warm, 86 in the shade, some nice sunny periods but the air was humid: a grand day. Got the groceries locally also to Wimbledon to buy dried green peas, split peas and maplemeat. Bought fish in Martin Way. To Epsom Common. Had an enjoyable ride. Watched an angler at the lower pond. The water was alive with water beetles and dragon-flies with golden wings darted in the sunshine. Came home in 40 for the 7 miles: averaging 10½ miles per hour. The country looks grand and the wild flowers are fine now. Noticed a lot of meadowsweet. It is two years ago to-day since the flying bomb wrecked the house. At first it was thought the house was wrecked beyond repair but at much time and discomfort it was rebuilt. It is now quite comfortable but only two rooms have been finished and decorated which work I did myself.

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  1. So many people were virtually camping out in their own home at this time. Reading Fred’s diary has reminded me that when we (Mother and my two sisters) returned to our house in Motspur Park early in 1945 when I was seven, after months away as evacuees, some of the windows were still boarded up awaiting repair of the previous summer’s damage. No doubt that wasn’t the only job that needed doing. My father had been living with his sister nearby, as his workplace was in central London.