30 March 2016

24th-25th August 1946: a weekend's fun flying

24 Sat. Mild, cloudy: showers. To Wimbledon in afternoon, bought fish. Also a small glider at Woolworth, this is for Anthony. Many children in this road have bought these gliders which zoom and loop: they cost 7½d. Did more polishing to the bedstead.

25 Sun. Very mild, heavy clouds, some sunshine, light showers, thunder in late afternoon. To Wimbledon Common in afternoon. Flew model successfully to the delight of two foreign boys and a lady. Also saw Morton and Engell. Had the misfortune to break the rubber motor but repaired it in time to show Leonard and Ann Conley who had just arrived by bus. They saw one good flight and then we all had to scatter & go home as a storm rolled up. Sheltered in Mrs Jordan’s for a time, then made a dash for home but did not get very wet and the plane was not damaged very much.

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