29 March 2016

22nd-23rd August 1946: magic moments

22 Thur. Rather mild, dismal, drizzle most of the day. Got some Walls sausages the first for years but not pre-war quality. To Merton cats meat shop. Bought oak strain and french polish at Wimbledon Wood Stores. Started staining and polishing the utility bedstead. Showed some card tricks to the Conley Children. Gwennie & Laurie called. Donald is ill with cough & cold.

23 Fri. Becoming rather mild; overcast, very humid, very calm. To butchers etc as usual on Fridays. The decorators started on the front bedroom. Stained and started to polish the foot of bedstead. Gwennie (who left her woolly green coat here) Laurie & Ann called.

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