12 March 2016

21st-23rd July 1946: gardening is hard work

21 Sun. Very mild, very cloudy, rough, rain at night. To see Cousin Len & his wife and baby Joey. They came to Aunt Liza’s to-day. The baby is getting on splendidly: he has very large blue eyes and a noble forehead; he laughed at me.

22 Mon. Mild becoming rather warm: a few periods of pleasant sunshine: windy. Bought a few things locally in morning also to Wimbledon; returning along the railway path, which has been re-gravelled. More hoeing & weeding in the garden. The three children called.

23 Tues. Very mild, becoming rather warm: dull morning but some nice sunshine later; rather rough. Some shopping locally. Bought fish & wallflower seeds at Merton. Did a lot more weeding & hoeing and the garden is looking better. A garden makes a lot of hard work. Dear Ann Conley made a fuss of me

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