28 March 2016

20th -21st August 1946: musical box

20 Tues. Very cool, very dismal, rain till afternoon: dirty looking sky. The India V M.C.C. Test Match was washout & abandoned. Ann Conley called & painted a birthday card for her father. Gwennie & Laurie called in afternoon and were rather high spirited. Short cycle ride in evening. It gets dark soon now.

21 Wed. Mild, calm, some periods of gentle sun: better. Got the groceries. Also to Merton to buy fish. While there bought a dozen yards of ¼ wide rubber at Norman’s. Made it into a motor for my plane. Gwennie called in morning. Donald is ill. Laurie called in afternoon with a cardboard box. I stretched some elastic bands across and tuned them to play a musical chord. Started clearing the front bedroom in readiness for the decorators.

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