11 March 2016

19th-20th July 1946: interesting map

19 Fri. Very mild, dull, cloudy; slight showers. Got a nice piece of brisket this week. Sent Alb a birthday card. Bought tissue, clear dope & a balsa block at Norman’s. Hoed and weeded part of the garden. Laurie & Donald brought a banana each for Ciss and I.

20 Sat. Mild, very dull & threatening, rough. More gardening; dug up the shallots. To Wimbledon to buy fish. Bought box of superior stationery for a birthday present for Alb. Bought a very clear map of Wimbledon & district with a device for quickly finding any desired place - very interesting. Aunt Liza called.

Note.  Laurence Worms at Ash Rare Books - has kindly supplied the illustrations of Fred's 'very interesting' map, along with this note.

'This sounds to me like The Directional Pointer Guide-Map to Wimbledon, first published by E. J. Burrow & Co. of Cheltenham & London in 1931. They are a species of what are known as ‘tape-indicator’ maps, which first surfaced in the mid- nineteenth century. You simply swing the marked-up tape across the map to read off your destination from the key in the margin. 

'Burrow & Co. made similar maps of towns all across the country. The British Library has five separate editions of the Wimbledon map up to 1939, but the attached pictures are apparently of a ninth edition as late as 1961.

'I think in fact that the ‘ninth edition’ of the pictures dates from 1956 rather than 1961 – there was a tenth edition in 1958, an eleventh in 1960 – and a twelfth in 1964.'

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