8 March 2016

15th-16th July 1946: cheered by sight of post-war bicycles

15 Mon. Very mild, cloudy, rain at night. To Morden to buy fish in afternoon. The three children called: they love the pop tree now that it is covered with the pneumatic pods which explode with a pop when pressed between the fingers.

16 Tues. Very cool, 52 degs, very dull, rain till midday. To Morden in afternoon. Saw two gorgeous Raleigh bikes in a shop window: the finest since pre-war days. The de Luxe Roadster was enamelled a deep green with gold lines, two brakes, three speed dynamo hub with brilliantly plated parts, oil-bath gearcase and a head lock that has to be undone with a key: a price of £18.18.6. The other bike was a showy sports model in transparent emerald green lacquer: - £15-0.0. It cheered me to see such signs of a return to less austere times. Aunt Liza called.

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