25 March 2016

14th-15th August 1946: lightning & thunder

14 Wed. Mild, very cool for season. Very cloudy, heavy showers with lightning & thunder in evening: some sunshine in afternoon. Got the groceries locally also to Morden to buy fish. Dad is 84 to-day.** Went to see him and to take the Book of Trains, also a torch battery and a birthday card for him. Anthony was very engaging. Played some Beethoven Sonatas.

15 Thur. Very cool, dull morning, very mild sunny afternoon. The gas men took the broken gas fire away. The children called: Gwennie brought her dolls cooking stove to show me. Bought a fine new 70 amp accumulator. Also to Merton & Morden to buy a few things. Cut the old canes out of the loganberries and tied up the new. Cleaned the muck and brick rubble from my bedroom chimney now that the gas fire is removed.

**Note: a reminder that some of the family history appears lower down on the right-hand side of this blog

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