24 March 2016

12th-13th August 1946: birthday girl

12 Mon. Mild, cloudy morning, a little sun later: extremely rough, the wind seeming to come from all quarters. Dear Gwennie is 8 to-day. Gave her a large jar of Vimaltol, a magic painting book and a card. I do love her. To Wimbledon and Merton to buy a few things. Gwennie brought some of her birthday cake for us. To pay the club. Finished reading a book of musical instruments lent me by Maud.

13 Tues. Mild, a small amount of sun in evening: very rough. To Wimbledon to buy a book for Dad’s birthday – a book about trains by C. J. Allen. Also to Morden to buy a torch battery and a card also for Dad. Returned Maud’s book about musical instruments. The three children called bringing a loaf.

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