10 February 2016

7th-8th June 1946: Victory Celebration Day & fly-past

7 Fri. Rather warm, fine sunny day but dull & cloudy later: the wind has dropped. Tomorrow being Victory Day I spent the morning doing shopping as the shops will then be closed. I stood in queues at the bakers, butchers, fishmongers at the cats meat shop. Accidentally broke the corrugated glass in the scrubbing board so had to buy a piece costing 3/- at Rayner Davis, Merton. Also to grocers, chemists etc etc. A busy and tiring morning. Cousin Maud called in evening: Alan Spooner, on leave, came while she was here. Joy Winsley brought a fuse-bulb for me to test.

Official programme for Victory celebrations
Official programme for the Victory Celebrations, 8th June 1946
8 Sat. Rather mild, very dull & cloudy, rain setting in midday. Victory Celebration Day. Heard the broadcast of the wonderful Victory Procession. Saw the aeroplane fly-past which came this way. Two types of jet-propelled planes took part as well as Spitfires, Hurricanes, Halifaxes, Lancasters, Tempests and Hornets. Anne Conley called in morning and made me very happy. Put top camber on new wing – starboard side. Drew out design for the port-side wing and started to build.

Here: link to Wikipedia page on the part-controversial celebrations.

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