9 February 2016

5th-6th June 1946: cheque received for war damage

5 Wed. Rather cool, very rough, chilly wind, some weak sun late in the day. Got the groceries also to Morden to buy fish. The three children called also Anne & Leonard Conley: showed them how to make folded paper birds beaks. Fitted several bits to new 39 ins aero wing. We received to-day the cheque for covering the war damage done to our home and the matter is settled save for buying the required articles, some replacements and repairs are already done.

6 Thur. Very mild, some sunny periods, the wind is still rough and chilly. Bought fish at Merton. Bought asters in Wimbledon and planted them on dear Mother’s grave. Also to butchers. More work on wing of 39 ins aero. The three children called.

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