8 February 2016

3rd-4th June 1946: the start of a new model

3 Mon. Mild, cloudy, very rough cool wind, a few gleams of sunshine. To Morden to buy fish. Bought strips of balsa wood also sheet balsa & cement at Normans, oh, and white tissue. Made a start at building a new model aeroplane wing, having drawn it out in the morning. Gwennie & Laurie called, dear Gwennie is so charming.

4 Tues. Rather cool, dull, cloudy, showers, rain setting in later; very rough chilly wind. Bought fish locally, also drawing pins: took accumulator. Sowed lettuce seed. The crimson paeony has 19 gorgeous blooms on it. Mr. Evans the landlord & a decorators estimator saw the house with a view to having it done.

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