24 February 2016

29th-30th June 1946: cycle, cricket, shop, window-cleaning, model-making... visitors

29 Sat. Very mild, some nice sunny periods but a powerful cool wind made things very trying. Pedalling a bike against it is not easy but I did a bit of shopping nevertheless. Saw a bit of cricket at Merton*. Cleaned most of the windows. Mounted the fin and hinged rudder to tail of new plane.

30 Sun. Very mild, some soft sunny periods, wind still boisterous. Many children called. We had Mr and Mrs Bradley to tea, also Mrs Akroyd. Mrs Conley, Leonard, Victor and Ann came to see Mr and Mrs Bradley.

*The Merton Cricket Club was founded in 1890. It is based at The John Innes Recreation Ground, Cannon Hill Lane, Merton Park

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