23 February 2016

27th-28th June 1946: treasured flower from bombsite

Bellbine - or bindweed
27 Thur. Very mild becoming cool: dull, cloudy, heavy rain setting in by evening: stiff fresh breeze from S. Did quite a lot of shopping locally in morning, also to Merton for cats meat. Pruned the gooseberry bushes and applied Liquinure. Weeded the runner beans and sowed some more. There are many failures and as soon as the beans come up they are eaten by snails, the prospects for them are meagre. Pinched out side shoots on tomato plants which have made a start at last. The garden is more than a month late.

28 Fri. Very mild, some moderate sunny periods, otherwise overcast; very strong breeze. Did all the usual shopping: got a nice piece of veal. Also bought fish at Wimbledon. Little Evelyn Baden-Powell came across the road to me and showed me a bunch of Goldfinch Rambler roses she had picked on the bombsite opposite but she treasured most a bellbine flower which is scentless but she was smelling it. I gave her a sweetie. Poor little girl her father died not many months ago; she is so friendly and sweet: she has two baby sisters. Built up the outline of fin and rudder for the new model: a job of very careful and delicate joinery.

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