22 February 2016

25th-26th June 1946: rationed food - shortages - no soap

25 Tues. Very mild, bright morning, cloudy slight showers later, fresh wind. Started making elegant new tail for the new model. To Morden to buy fish. To Merton to buy balsa cement. Gwennie and Laurie brought some pieces for the cats.

26 Wed. Very mild, a few sunny periods but mostly cloudy. Got the groceries; they could not supply the jam and soap rations and several other things beside. Commodities are still very short. To Morden to buy fish. The children called. More work assembling the tail for new aero. Sprayed fruit and rose bushes with derris. A letter from Ron Cooper to say his wife has a baby girl. Bought a scarlet geranium and planted it on dear Mother’s grave.

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