3 February 2016

24th-25th May 1946: sentiment & romance

24 Fri. Rather cool, dreary grey day. Did usual shopping locally also to Morden. Bought “Mammoth Orange” calendula seeds: sowed some. Looked through a large number of old letters they always affect me and make me romantic. The three children called, Gwennie in her Girls Life Brigade uniform – very important.

25 Sat. Rather cold, stiff fresh breeze, a few feeble gleams of sunshine in morning. To Morden, Cheam and Malden after cats food but got none. Bought some at Merton later. Bought a white gardenia hat flower at Woolworths for Ciss. Had myself weighed at Woolworths 10st 10lbs in my overcoat. Sowed cress seed. Took daffodil bulbs from Mother’s grave; planted a white geranium; will plant other summer flowers soon.

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