19 February 2016

19th-20th June 1946: cats meat & scrambled egg

19 Wed. Very cool, very dull, rain till late afternoon, fitful skies & showers later. Got the groceries and a few other things locally in morning. Fitted aluminium hooks to aero wing – used for binding wing to fuselage which later I stripped: it needs a slight repair. Prepared living room for the chimney sweep.

20 Thur. Very mild, some nice sunshine also heavy showers & slight thunder in afternoon. The chimney sweep to do the living room chimney. Did some preparation work also some cleaning up afterwards. To Merton to buy fish. Bought white tissue, clear dope and green dope at Normans. Covered 26 ins fuselage with white tissue and doped it: it came up very tight – like a drum. Gwennie brought some meat for the cats. She was very bright & rather excited, gave her a taste of scrambled egg we were having for dinner: she likes a piece off the plate.

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