16 February 2016

13-14th June 1946: at last... a pudding basin!

13 Thur. Very mild, fine genial sunny day but overcast by the evening with some distant thunder. Did some gardening including a further sowing of beetroot also thinning out my special marigolds. The children called: gave Gwennie two roses and Laurie some red, white & blue roundel transfers to put on the wing of his glider. More work on the new aero wing.

14 Fri. Very mild, fine, genial, sunny day. Did the usual Fri. morning shopping, also to Morden. In afternoon to Worcester Park & Malden and finally managed to buy a pudding basin in a shop the other end of Grand Drive. Met dear Gladys: she is wonderful. Met the three children as I was coming out of the sweetshop so there was no escape.

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