15 February 2016

11th-12th June 1946: flew model glider on bomb-site

11 Tues. Cool, very dull & cloudy, rain on and off all day, very rough, chilly wind. To Morden to buy fish: also the chemists and a few purchases locally. The three children called also Victor & Ann Conley. Small amount of work on aero.

12 Wed. Rather cool, heavy, fitful clouds; some thunder at times but less wind. Got the groceries locally. Bought fish also balsa cement at Merton, oh and dried green peas. Made a 17 ins spar balsa glider for Laurie: quite a shapely little model which glides splendidly. Gwennie and Laurie flew it on the bomb space for some time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thinned out onion seedlings also beetroot seedlings.

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