1 January 2016

9th-10th April 1946: versatile

9 Tues. Mild, some pleasant sun in afternoon but a penetrating E wind persists. To Merton to buy cats meat and oak stain. Gwennie, Laurie and Donald called. Gwennie started painting the roses on the birthday card for her mother. I made a lensless pair of spectacles of black enamelled wire for Laurie – just for a joke and he wore them and went home in them. Made out of the same wire an outline of a locomotive for Anthony. Ciss stained and polished the kitchen armchair to my instructions. Alan McAinsh called to inquire to inquire after Dad: he brought baby Margaret, such a bonny fair-haired, blue-eyed child.

10 Wed. Very cool, cold N wind but some sun in afternoon. Got the groceries also got some fish in Martin Way. To Tolworth in afternoon to see Dad. He is much better than when I saw him last week and says his work isn’t finished yet. I think his heart will improve when he has completely recovered from the flu. Pruned some of Albert’s roses.

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