11 January 2016

25-26 April 1946: paint & play

25 Thur. Cool, cloudy, rain setting in in afternoon. To Wimbledon to buy celluloid enamel in two shades of brown. Ciss started to paint her chest of drawers with it in evening. To butchers. Gwennie finished her birthday card and it is splendid for a girl of seven. Filled all the many holes and scratches in sitting room door in preparation for painting.

26 Fri. Cool, becoming mild; cloudy, dull. To butchers, bakers, newsagents, confectioners, fishmongers etc. in morning also more local shopping in afternoon. Met dear Gladys who told me Eileen had been ill for a fortnight. Met Mrs. Collis who told me old Mr Collis was sinking fast: I have known him for a great many years. Painted the chest of drawers in Ciss’ room with mahogany coloured celluloid paint. Painted the sitting room door with cream Chinagloss enamel: looks very nice. Had a game with the children midday.

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