9 January 2016

22-23 April 1946: cycled out to Chessington

22 Mon. Bank Holiday. Mild, plenty of sun but not very strong, rather cool N breeze: fine. Cycled through Ruxley to Chessington Church then along a narrow road which changed into a very rough footpath between hedgerows. Very interesting this was; I saw many farms and cottages: eventually came out onto the Leatherhead Road and returned past Chessington Zoo where I saw a bear lazily slouching around its cage.

23 Tues. Rather cool, some weak sunshine early: dull, rain setting in later. To Merton to buy fish in morning. Also bought a new outer cover for cycle at Whitbourn’s price 6/8. Fitted same in afternoon. Bought a pumice block and fish paste. The children called; Gwennie did some more work on her birthday card: then they had a lark with the syringe. In evening started smoothing the sitting room door with the pumice “Strippabloc” mentioned above: it will be painted later.

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