31 January 2016

20th-21st May 1946: £5 1s 6d rent

20 Mon. Mild, cloudy: wind in E and still cool. To Morden to buy cats food: also bread & fish paste locally. Paid Mr. Farley £16.5.0 for repairs and repolishing furniture. Paid the landlord £5.1.6 for rent. Erected double row of bean rods and dug hop manure into the ground. Laurie called: gave him Gwennie’s birthday card to take home: Gwennie will give it to her mother tomorrow.

21 Tues. Mild, some nice sunshine in afternoon: a great improvement. To Wimbledon to buy packet of vegetarian rissole mixture: I use it as a filling when making minced meat. Sowed Carter Scarlet Emperor runner beans. Applied hop manure where I shall sow lettuce and beetroot. Dug over where I intend to plant tomatoes and started cutting the lawn.

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