14 January 2016

1st-15th May 1946: music, cricket, brown paper & india rubber

1 May. Wed. Rather mild, fine, sunny, but boisterous, fresh wind. Got quite a lot of groceries locally. Bought cats meat at Morden. The children called in afternoon. Dear Gwennie brought me a posy of daisies – “a present for you,” she said: I love her. Sowed a row of specially selected marigold seed which was promptly dug over by Donald with a fork while my attention was on getting the dinner.

2 Thur. Cool, becoming mild; cloudy, very boisterous E wind. To butchers in morning, to station to get a paper in afternoon. There is a note on the organ that is stuck down. I determined to take the back off to see if I could put the matter right. In lifting the organ and slewing it round I must have shaken out the piece of grit or foreign matter that was causing the trouble and the job put itself right. Was agreeable surprised so I had a tune on it.

3 Fri. Very cool, becoming mild; sunny afternoon but E wind very boisterous and keen. The horse chestnuts, white may and wisteria are in bloom: the lilacs are poor this year. Most of the roses in the garden are dying back and the small, new growth is shrivelled and ready to drop, the wind is so keen. Did the usual Fri. morning shopping also to Wimbledon to buy fish. The three children called. Gwennie gave me some jelly sweets for a present. Started to repair with cement the broken hearth in Ciss’ room. Aunt Liz brought fish for cats.

4 Sat. Becoming mild, fine, bright sunny day, but the boisterous E wind is cold. To Morden in afternoon to buy fish. The cricket season begins. The Indian Touring team play Worcester. Surrey play the M.C.C. I saw Merton make 119 for 6. Met Uncle Dick at the match. Cousin Maud called. She had been to Hampton Court and was thrilled by the magnificent show of tulips. Finished the hearth in little room.

5 Sun. Rather cold, intervals of bright sunshine, clouds and slight showers: a cold E wind of hurricane force blew all day. The usual children called; Mrs. Akroyd called later.

6 Mon. Rather cold, a few rays of sunshine: the NE wind is blowing a gale. To Morden in morning to buy cats food. Replaced the mouldings round the trap door in the roof and painted same & the door: another job done. The three children called and amused themselves on Mrs. Conley’s steps which I borrowed.

7 Tues. Rather mild, a few sunny periods but the cold NE wind is rougher than ever. To butchers in morning. Bought fish in Wimbledon in afternoon. The three children called bringing two bananas for Ciss and me. A motor van brought a wardrobe cupboard and other things from Mrs Spranklen Green for us to mind.

Wed 8. Rather cold, dismal day after a rather severe thunder storm in the early hours; rain most of the day; less wind. Got the groceries. I started building a built-in sideboard in place of the dresser, putting up a shelf. Took a picture book to Donald who is 3 to-day.

9 Thur. Very cool, some sunny periods; the wind tends to veer SE and is less violent. Bought salt & figs locally: fish at Merton. Also to chemists at Merton & locally. Bought torch batteries and a piece of quartering to repair built-in sideboard. Mr. Barr and old gentleman who was a member of the Church was buried to-day. Saw the funeral on its way to the cemetery and took off my hat. Met Mr. Ley who had been to the service and had a talk with him. The three children called bringing some of Donald’s birthday cake for Ciss and I.

10 Fri. Mild, some sunny period but the NE wind is cold. Got the usual Fri. morning provisions including some liver – unusual. Bought Carters Scarlet Emperor runner bean seeds. Sowed seeds of 4 sorts of double poppies. The three children called.

11 Sat. Rather cold, howling bitter E wind; some sun midday. Stood in a queue at greengrocers for potatoes and cauliflower. To Merton and Morden in afternoon, bought fish and other things and ordered a large sheet of picture glass at Merton.

12 Sun. Mild, fine bright sunny day, but the howling E wind spoils everything. The children called; Gwennie in a new pale grey coat and hat. Peter Child called, with dog. Played three Beethoven Piano Sonatas. First roses out on Climbing Mme. E. Herriot rose at front door.

13. Rather cold, fine and sunny but the NE wind is blowing cruelly. To Morden to buy fish etc. The children called; Gwennie enjoyed looking at the coloured illustrations in the Christian Year Book. Chas brought some flower roots from Uncle Ben.

14 Tues. Cold, cloudy, bitter N wind. The furniture that has been repaired & re-polished at Farley’s came back to-day. The work has been well done; I am pleased: the oak gate-leg table shines like glass. To Merton to buy fish also to get the large sheet of picture glass ordered on Sat. Gwennie & Donald called. Re-polished large picture frame.

15 Wed. Cold, after a night frost, overcast but calm. Got the groceries: met Mrs. Philpot; Monica & Winifred Ewing are not well. To Morden to buy fish, met Jessie Hodge (Field.) Bought brown paper and india rubber locally. Thinned out lettuces. Sowed a row of Carters Scarlet Emperor beans. Mr Ward came in for a few minutes; played the organ to him; he has an American organ himself.

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  1. Have a good holiday. Going somewhere warm, I hope.